Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting Back on Track

It has been over 2 months since I last wrote. In that time I have taken some classes that have made me take a long look at what I want my practice to eventually look like when I graduate. Some things I have learned about myself are:
~That I am an aromatherapist and cannot separate that from my daily life or my future massage practice. Essential oils and all they are play a huge roll in my life and who I am.
~I have a wide variety of interests and do not want to fit myself into whatever box I feel I "should" be in. Life flows from one day to the next and I enjoy the adventure!
~I want to live a holistic life in all areas. Family, profession, personal, spiritual, mental emotional... they are all connected.
~This blog will be a reflection of life, not the "perfect" accounting that I had set out to make it. That format doesn't fit for me.

I hope you hang around and enjoy what I have to share. There will be aromatherapy... I can't get through a day without it! There will also be info on other areas that relate to a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Use the info you want, ignore the info you don't. Comment and share your suggestions and insights, as long as it is honoring to this site and those who read it.