Saturday, March 1, 2014

When Life Hands You....

 Tonight.... I sit in my room and...ponder. I look back over the events of the last 8 weeks. I look at the upcoming events of the month....and I look even the future.
Two months handed me something...and I almost threw it back in her face! I didn't want it... I didn't ask for it. 

But there it was.

Begging me to pick it up... to have a look... to ponder the possibilities.

After a more than fare amount of resistance, I decided to at least acknowledge what it was that life had so unceremoniously shoved under my nose.

While it had a lively color and a refreshing fragrance...the taste was extremely bitter.... at least at first.
I think you know where I am going with this...

Life handed me a lemon....a HUGE lemon!!

What can I do with a lemon? Well... the truth is... a lot!

Lemons truly are an amazingly versatile fruit. Not only are they the perfect cheerful yellow; the oil from their skin is a powerful cleaner and detoxifier("lemons" typically show up when you need to clear something from your life). The zest from the skin can liven up any dish you put it in!
Cut open a lemon and what is the first thing you notice? the fragrance!!! It instantly wakes you up... I can't help but smile when I smell that bright, sharp scent... It goes straight to my head and makes me happy :)
There are so many things you can make with lemons...cakes, pies, cookies....lemon butter sauce for your chicken...

Now... I am looking at recipes... sampling....planning...and dreaming... What am I going to make of this lemon in my lap? 

Instead of puckering up my face and closing my eyes to its bitter taste...I am leaving myself open to all the sweet and savory possibilities.

The next time life hands you a lemon.... what are YOU going to do with it?