Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Changes of Life


          Did you know that life changes? And sometimes in HUGE ways? When you least expect it? does. If you think it doesn't...then just hold will! Some of those changes are good...discovering a talent you didn't know you had...or the chance of a new career...Some not so good...the death of a beloved grandfather...when your first love tells you it's over...Then there are those changes that are bittersweet...Like your firstborn child's last day of elementary school...

        All of these changes...the good...the bad... the in between... Each one is a chance to re-evaluate your life. Take a moment and see where you are... where you came from... and ask yourself..."Where do I want to go now?" 

        The unexpected in life does serve a changes us... We can no longer stay in our safe little corner any more. Our eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what could be waiting for us! Each time a change happens we HAVE to look up from our path and see the world around us. Look people in the eye...maybe saying that quiet "good by"...letting go of a hand as they take that final breath...or chose a different path.

       The hardest part of the change process for me is the waiting.... Not being able to see outside of my trouble...Not knowing what is going to happen or what may be coming my way. This can be especially scary if you are not in a safe and sheltered space during this time. You might be subject to the whims of the environment... you may get knocked around a bit and not be able to see how you will survive. If you are fortunate to have a safe cove of loved ones to curl up in...and a True Anchor to hold on can rest in peace knowing that you will survive to the end.

       When you make it through whatever trial of change you are in then something glorious happens....You become transformed! You leave behind a shell of your former self and step into the light of a whole new realm of possibility! There really is a light at the end of that tunnel!

      No matter where you are right now...what change you may be facing... Just hold on...there is a grand plan in store for you. You will emerge triumphant and beautiful as long as you stay true to yourself. You are under construction and there is a glorious transformation happening <3