Monday, June 17, 2013

Lemon: The Bright One

Hammocks in the shade.
A tall glass of cold tangy lemonade.
These are the images that come to my mind when I open a bottle of lemon oil.
To me lemon has a very bright and refreshing fragrance that can boost my energy and lift me out of any emotional low I may be in. 
Lemon is a straight forward, easy to obtain oil that has many powerful uses.
The Latin name for the oil you want to look for is Citrus limon.
On another note, I am preparing to offer small bottles of the oils I have covered so far. Each bottle will hold  40-60 drops of oil and will be a great way to start experimenting with the oils without having to spend a small fortune to get started.
I will be filling them with the same oils that I use in my practice and that have been recommended by the clinical aroma therapists that I am studying under. These will all be high quality, therapeutic grade oils that are purchased from direct suppliers.
I am not a part of any distributorship for essential oils.  
All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 7, 2013

Green From The Beginning

Warning, this is a long post... Grab a glass of iced tea and settle in for a bit. I think you will be happy you did.


When I was looking for something that I could do from home to support my family I had some very specific criteria.
1. No get rich quick scams.
2. No MLM that required a huge start-up and large monthly commitments.
3. A safe and effective marketing plan that didn't rely on hype and hours bugging my family and friends. 
4. A proven track record of success not only in their compensation plan, but also with customer satisfaction.
5. A product I could stand behind knowing that I wasn't stretching the truth or using sensationalism to sell a "snowball to an Eskimo" . (more on that in a minute)
6. I didn't have to compete with their outside marketing to share the product and opportunity.
7. Something that truly enhances the lives of EVERYONE I meet.

As many can attest... That really makes it hard to find a work-from-home opportunity. Most of them lose, if not at the first point... then definitely by the second.

Then I found Melaleuca. And not to sound cheesy but I really believe this is the best company out there!

1. No get rich scams.
Melaleuca has been around for almost 30 years. The leaders in this business will tell you up-front that if you want to be successful then you will have to work... and work hard. Make those contacts, share your stories, meet with people, attend training meetings. The effort and time you put into it will directly translate into the success you will achieve. They don't promise that you will make $3000 dollars a day doing this one thing! But they will support you through what YOUR goals are and guide you to achieve a lasting and thriving business.

2. No MLM that requires a huge start-up and large monthly commitments.
With Melaleuca there is no huge "buy-in". In fact until the 20th of June it is only $1 for a one year membership! Normally the membership is only $29 for a year. I have been in programs that cost $200 just to get started; I have seen many that end up costing well over $500 -$1,000 dollars total by the time you purchase everything. The other thing that makes Melaleuca different is that there is no inventory to move. Ever. None. That was the hardest part for me in the last company I worked. I felt all this pressure to "make the sale" because I had several hundred dollars worth of product on my shelves, with expiration dates, and if the company decided to change formulas or discontinue a product line I would take a loss because I had to then try and sell my product at cost or give it away. I also know that I don't have to purchase hundreds of dollars of personal product points every month. A bottle of laundry detergent, a bottle of body lotion, multivitamin and mineral supplement, and a bar of soap... things I would purchase every month any way... And there are over 350 products to choose from!
3. A safe and effective marketing plan that didn't rely on hype and hours bugging my family and friends.
Melaleuca speaks for itself. If Melaleuca isn't for you then that is ok. It is not about brow beating those I love with info. I use the cleaning products every day in my own home. I take the vitamins, my husband and children take the vitamins. We eat the food, use the shampoo, toothpaste body wash. I have the dish washing liquid and hand soap sitting on the sink, the lip balm and lotion in my purse. When someone asks how I have so much energy, I tell them. If they ask about my weight loss, I tell them. If they ar in my home and ask about a product I tell them. If I share my hand lotion that is an opportunity to share. Yes I have regular product demonstrations and Wellness presentations in my home, and I invite people. I encourage everyone to at least take a look. If they are not impressed with the quality of the product or the business plan isn't something that they think will fit for them.. that is fine. It in no way affects how I feel for that person or our relationship. But if you don't at least look then how will you know?

4.   A proven track record of success not only in their compensation plan but also with customer satisfaction.
This is huge for me. This cancels out the hype that a lot of other companies rely on. Just last year Melaleuca reached $1.1 Billion in annual sales... $1.1 Billion! If that doesn't speak to customer satisfaction... then I don't know what does... 95% of people that shopped with Melaleuca last month will shop again this month! As far as compensation goes; if I share Melaleuca with 10 people and all they do is shop every month... just shop, I receive a check, every month, for $328... even if that is all I do. If I help just one of my 10 customers share and bring in 10 customers, then that number jumps to $640. If I keep sharing Melaleuca, and the people I share Melaleuca with share... Then that number keeps goes up... and it is residual income. Remember that 95%? They keep shopping... my check keeps coming in!

5. A product I could stand behind knowing that I wasn't stretching the truth or using sensationalism to sell a "snowball to an Eskimo" .
Frank VanderSloot, the CEO of Melaleuca once wrote that that he was not in the business of selling snowballs to Eskimos. What he was referring to is the requirement in some businesses to purchase bulk quantities of items... for your personal use. If you have to buy 75 rolls of toilet paper, 8-12 boxes of cereal, etc... Then soon you have a garage full of "snowballs" that you will never use, and you have to purchase them again next month! So, no snowballs. All of Melaleuca's products are backed by scientific research and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They know that if you are going to succeed in business then you have to have the best products. And they have proven them time and time again. Just research Oligo and Sol-U-Guard and see the results.

This video is a couple years old... but it is so cute! And it highlights one of my favorite products:

6. I didn't have to compete with their outside marketing to share the product and opportunity. 
Melaleuca is the original Consumer Direct Marketing Company. They are debt-free and have been from the beginning. You never see commercials, print ads or bulletin boards for Melaleuca. The products are not available in the mall or grocery store. Why? Because they only advertise through the sharing of their products by independent marketing executives. What does this mean? The only competition I have is myself. And none of my revenues goes to expensive advertising and print materials.

6. Something that truly enhances the lives of EVERYONE I meet. 
I so completely believe that the products that Melaleuca has are the best that I will share something at least one person a day. If I see something in the catalog that I know could help my mom handle her health better I am going to call her. There are so many health concerns and people that are concerned about what they put into their bodies or use in their homes that there is something here for everyone. Even if you aren't looking for a business opportunity.

Don't you think you deserve to at least take a look? 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Peppermint: Recipes

This is probably going to be one of the favorite essential oil post I ever write.


Because the three oils I have shared so far play so well with each other! Add in the oil we will talk about next and you almost don't need anything else... almost.

Here are some of my favorite ways to add peppermint essential oil to my day:

No More Headaches
(I offer this ready to purchase under the aromatherapy tab)

10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
Enough Jojoba oil to fill a 5ml glass bottle

Add the essential oils to an empty and clean 5ml glass bottle then top off with the Jojoba oil. The Jojoba is actually a liquid wax and has an extremely long shelf life so it will not go rancid like other more delicate oils. I use this oil any time I even hint at a headache, no matter the reason. I have suffered with migraines since I was a child, if I apply this blend to the back of my neck, my temples and behind my ears at the first sign of trouble I can normally avoid the worst of the pain. Be sure to use a reducer cap so you only get 1 drop at a time. 

Hot Summer Pick-me-up

5 drops lavender
3 drops peppermint 
2 drops tea tree

Combine the above oils in a 6 oz spray bottle of water and spritz yourself whenever you feel the affects of your summer activities. This blend will also help repel insects and sooth over heated summer skin.

Respiratory Relief

1 drop peppermint

Place your one drop on your collar, your pillow, or a tissue in your shirt pocket. This is a quick and easy way to ease the tightness associated with asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. Just be sure not ot get the oil directly on your skin as it can cause irritation and actually burn sensitive skin. I used to place a drop on the side of my children's crib mattresses when they were babies. That way they get some of the oils and not enough to over stimulate their systems. They also can't touch it there.

Use these recipes as a starting point in your own journey with peppermint. The only place I would not recommend using peppermint is in the bath. I know I have said that before but it is worth repeating!

The next oil we will add to our tool box is lemon... Perfect for summer time!

As always, be safe and know your oil.
 And please, don't eat them! There is an herb for that ;)

I am not a doctor. Nor am I qualified to diagnose or treat any illness. I am simply a student of the world around me. Use the oils at your own risk and please consult your medical professional. This blog is a compilation of my own experiences and study.

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Vitamins I Use and Why

I started this blog thinking I was only going to write about essential oils and their uses. But life takes many interesting twists and turns as we journey through. I have many interests in holistic health besides essential oils. If I had a blog for each one... well, that is more than I care to try and fathom! 
I will continue to post about essential oils... don't worry! But I also want to share with you different things that I come across that I truly believe will help improve the health and live of my readers.
One of the things I believe everyone should use are vitamin and mineral supplements.
This video was posted on Melaleuca's YouTube Page almost 4 years ago. It is a news clip about the launch of the patented Oligo delivery system that Melaleuca uses in their vitamins.
I have an issue absorbing the necessary nutrients I need from the foods I eat. In order to supplement with vitamins from the drug store or even the health food store I typically have to take 2-3x what the bottle says I need! The only supplement brand I have ever used successfully was during my teen years and was supplied through the holistic doctor I was seeing at the time, and it was super expensive!
Since then I have "made do" with whatever I could afford, knowing that they really weren't doing me any good but hoping anyway.
Then I discovered Melaleuca's Vitality Pack with the patented Oligo delivery system! These vitamins have made all the difference for me.
Why are vitamins and minerals called "essential"? 
Because they:
! Build the skeleton and all soft tissue!
!Regulate the body including heartbeats, blood clotting, nerve response and more!
!Are critical links for thousands of functions in your body!
!They are the components of antioxidant enzymes that neutralize the damage of free redicals!
 Some my ask...
 "Can't I just get my vitamins from my food? I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables."
Here's the truth:
Most produce you buy in the store has been picked while still green, before it can finish developing all the vitamins it should contain.
It has been stored and transported... sometimes thousands of miles to get to the store.
If it is processed, most of the nutrients have been destroyed before it even gets to you!  
But I take vitamins already...
  The minerals in traditional multivitamins are isolated, which makes them difficult for your body to absorb. Not only that, but isolated minerals cause an increase in free radicals. Those free radicals use up the vitamins in your supplement before you even have a chance to absorb it!!
The Oligo delivery system that Melaleuca uses keeps the mineral bound in a protective coating of proteins and fiber, just like it in nature. This system keeps the minerals soluble so your body can absorb them, which in turn makes it easier to absorb the vitamins because they aren't getting destroyed by free radicals from the minerals.
Oligo Technology Protects Antioxidant Vitamins up to 5 times better than Store Brands!
Vitamins and minerals are essential for a vibrant life, better health and more energy.
I know for me, when I take just the basic Vitality Pack, which is the multivitamin and calcium supplements, I have the energy and focus to get done all that is demanded of me in a day. When I miss a day... I can feel it!
I am a mom to three high energy children, I am a wife, I have a home to run. That alone is a full time job... but I am also a student in school 3 nights a week and most weekends working on a degree in holistic healthcare. And I am a budding business owner.
My days are full! My nights are even fuller!! 
Taking the vitamins and other supplements that Melaleuca offers makes all the difference for me.
If you are curious click here and explore. If you have any questions you can either click on the contact tab at the top of the site or e-mail me directly at
I hope I have sparked your  interest and gotten you thinking about your health.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Story

I had a customer contact me today with a question about one of my favorite Melaleuca products...

What she asked was if she could dilute the laundry detergent and make it last longer...

Here is my answer... Why would you want to? It only takes 1/2 ounce of MelaPower to wash a whole load of laundry, no matter the size of the load or how dirty it is! I use the same amount of soap if I am washing the blankets from my dog's kennels or the blankets in the nursery at church.

The beauty of Melaleuca products is they don't charge you for the water in the laundry soap.

This is from the link above:

What makes MelaPower so economical?
One 48 fl. oz. bottle of MelaPower washes 96 loads. To wash 96 load with the leading brand, you’d have to buy three 50 fl. oz. bottles. Why? Because MelaPower has taken out unnecessary fillers (mostly water)—so there’s nothing in MelaPower that doesn’t absolutely need to be there for brighter, cleaner clothes. The end result? MelaPower saves you money. By switching to MelaPower, it can save you up to 35% over other liquid laundry detergents.