Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What are the Roots of Your Life?

What do you picture when you see this word? 
Close your eyes and think on it for a moment...
Do you have a picture in your mind?

 I chose the picture above because I think it is a good representation of security. Take a look at the size of the tree... then take a look at the depth and complexity of its root system. Where dou you think the security is for the tree? In it's roots... Keep this in mind as you read on.

 My current ethics class at school is a bit different from the others I have taken so far. The goal of this class is to bring awareness to the "potentially shadow" areas of all healing relationships. The course description ends like this:

"This class provides navigational tools for dealing with the deep and often confusing interactions between client and holistic care practitioner. The goal of this class is to come from a strong centered place of service and not from that of a wounded healer."

What does this mean for me?
A lot of soul searching and digging into areas of life that may be fine
 But, if I am going to be an effective healer, fine isn't good enough.

I have unconsciously been resistant to doing my homework for this class. So I sat down with myself this morning and asked myself why... I don't like to rock the boat... If life is going smoothly let it continue as such.
Or... If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The problem with that is you never grow. What happens if that tree quits growing?

It dies. 

So, since I don't want to die, in any sense of the word! I got to "work" this morning.

What does all this have to do with security? I will get to that...

This class looks at ethics from the major areas of life: 


Or you can look at it this way:


So, security, the first center of life. The "root" of your life.
Where do you find your security? Is it money? Family values? Traditions? Relationships? There is no wrong answer, it is personal to everyone and something only you can decide for yourself.

Other words and ideas that are associated with this center include:

Cultural Bias
Religious Practices
Traditional Family Values

Interestingly, the seven areas that I will cover in this class correspond to what some call the seven chakras, or energy centers in the body. 

Before I loose you here, let me explain my take on this:

I was raised in a traditional Christian home with traditional Christian values.
I profess a personal relationship with Christ.
I realize that I make mistakes, and am not perfect but try to model my life after the way Jesus did in the Bible.

I also realize that I do not have all the answers to all the histories of all the people in the entire world! How could I? So, when I encounter a new (to me) way of relating to the world, I explore it from all angles and not automatically dismiss it because it doesn't "fit". If I can take a piece of something for my tool box then I will.

If you still don't agree or don't care to explore then that is fine. I am not offended by your decision and I hope you are not offended by my curiosity :)

So, for this class I have a chart that outlines the seven chakras, their "tools'' and what areas of life and health they may correspond to.

Does this have an aromatherapy connection? You bet it does!! Doesn't everything? 

For each center there are corresponding aromatherapy, fragrance and incense categories. This particular center calls for cinnamon, cedar and myrrh. These three oils are very grounding, warming and soothing oils. All three of these oils come from trees... Which have long, deep extensive root systems that allows them to stand strong against the passage of time. Makes sense to me, this first life center has to do with our basic issues and needs in life... our roots.

Unfortunately, I don't have any myrrh oil, it is on my wish list, but I do have cedar and cinnamon! I decided to conduct a little experiment:

Before starting on my journal I lit a little tea light candle. While waiting for some of the wax to melt I looked over the questions that I was going to work on today. After there was a nice little ring of melted wax around the wick I blew out the candle and added 2 drops of Atlantic Cedar and 1 drop of Cinnamon Leaf oils to the candle, being careful not to get any on the wick. Then I re-lit the candle and spent a few minutes breathing in the fragrance of the oils and contemplating my questions.

I found that I was able to honestly answer the questions and not feel like I had to give a "perfect" thought out answer... which is what has kept me from doing my homework until now.

I will be exploring other ways to use these particular oils during the next week and providing the necessary information so you can decide if they are ones you care to have in you aromabox.

I hope you also take the time to explore how deep your roots run and find the security to stand through the pressures of this life.

Until next time,