Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Seat of Power


That word is... well... powerful!
It can inspire, control, intimidate, destroy.
What does power mean to you?

I am sitting in the halls of what has become one of my favorite places... my school. My dinner is sitting next to me, waiting to be eaten. There is "magic" tea in my thermos that the herbalists donate every Thursday. 

It is quiet.

This little plot of ground, this re-purposed building, is devoted to nothing but healing. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. We are all here for the same thing. To learn how to serve others and find their healing in the most loving, caring and holistic way possible. It is a place of honoring and peace.

What does this have to do with power? A lot actually.

The theme of my class last night was power. The power we have in our personal lives. The power we have in ourselves. The power we have with others. The power we hold as practitioners. The power we give away to others. Stepping into our power, claiming it and living it out.

So it got me thinking about my own power... which is kind of the point of the class. There is a fear when you are called to step into your power as a practitioner. No longer can you hide behind the shield of being a student. At some point you have to step out and say, "I am a wellness practitioner" (or whatever your calling is) and claim ownership of it. 

This is a very scary moment!

To step into my power means I am responsible for how I use it, how others see it, and any outcome good or bad.

So here goes... Deep breath...

I am an aromatherapist. It is what I do, it is who I am. As much a part of me as being a wife, a mother and a dancer. 
Though my eventual degree will say massage therapist, and I will be licensed as such, it really is a vehicle for my aromatherapy practice. I am a wellness practitioner. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose, But I can help guide you along your unique healing journey.
I am trained in the safe and effective use of essential oils; I also realize that it is not possible for me to know everything.
 I am drawn to the emotional and spiritual uses of aromatherapy, as well as the medicinal. I believe it is not possible to separate physical treatments from emotional ones. We are holistic beings and need to be treated as such.
 I am drawn to the need of the youngest of us... the children. Their sensitive little bodies are so responsive and need to be handled gently.
 I am constantly studying, researching, experimenting. I will never learn all there is to know, but I will try!

My prayer is that I live up to everything that my statement opens to.