Monday, December 2, 2013

Nutritional Cleansing

What is cleansing?
Single ingredient cleanses are not enough

        When most people think "cleanse", they think the kind that will leave you tied to the toilet all day.Or what I have heard affectionately referred to as a "poo poo" cleanse. Traditionally, they include various mixtures of ingredients that may include juices, olive oil, pepper, honey, or even just a laxative substance, which causes the body to empty the contents of the digestive tract. TaDa! You have been cleansed!
        I have actually done many of these of cleanses, the result was always the same. I couldn't leave my house and I was extremely irritable from the low blood sugar. While these types of cleanses my be necessary at times, they aren't the whole story of cleansing and can be detrimental, causing dehydration and other issues, depending on what substance is used to cause the cleansing. Who has time to be stuck in the house all day?

Now, how about fasting?
Are you drinking enough water?

        I have heard numerous times in the natural health world about fasting, with recommendations ranging anywhere from one meal a day up to a week long fast. Now, the claims abound as to the benefits of fasting. The obvious one is that you lose weight... Ta Da! Don't eat-lose weight... not a new concept.
       This simple thinking also can have many dangerous side effects when not handled with care. And long term fasts should NEVER be conducted without being under the care of a qualified medical professional. I am not an advocate of long term fasting. Feed your body!

But what about the benefits?

        The research is coming together that Intermittent Fasting(IF) has many health benefits. There is the weight loss, which I already stated. What is interesting about IF is the loss of visceral fat, which is the fat around the abdomen and among the organs. This is the most dangerous type of fat to have. This is the fat that signals metabolic conditions and increases to risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. You don't want this hanging around.
          There is also evidence that people who practice regular fasting and calorie restriction may actually live longer. By giving the body a chance to rest from the daily grind of digestion and sorting of nutrients you are basically giving it chance to recharge. Then the body can work more efficiently and effectively.Kind of like a nap for your digestive system. I know I usually function better after a nap!
            I recently read in this article about the effects of IF on brain function. The connection between fasting and brain health has been documented in animals. Now they are finding that this hold true in humans as well.

What do you do?

           If traditional cleansing is inconvenient and dangerous to the safety of those around you, and overzealous fasting can be dangerous... what do you do? This is where nutritional cleansing comes in. When you do a nutritional cleanse you are giving the;postID=4591067408505117691 body enough antioxidant, herbal and nutritional support to handle a cleanse safely; while allowing it to get that much needed rest so it can recharge itself.
           Now, you don't want to just wake up one day and decide "hey, I am not going to eat today so I can lose weight"... not going to happen. You won't be prepared and you will give in the first second you smell your coworkers lunch. I know, I've done it. They key is to prepare yourself and your body. Then have a plan in place.
            As I write this I am actually finishing my first cleanse that I have done in a long time... And I feel really good! It is a full day fast supported by these products. They work on the cellular level to scrub out any gunk and toxins that your body holds on to. Even if you eat an organic diet, we are surrounded by toxins every day. Your body will absorb them and then hold on to them.

The result?

           This is the first time in my life that I have made it through a full day of any type of cleanse or fast. While I am a little hungry,  I don't feel the desire to go eat a gigantic cheeseburger. Most importantly, the safety of my loved ones is not in jeopardy! I don't have any of the usually crankiness I have always associated with fasting. My body is fueled an getting the rest and cleaning it deserves. I am doing the cleanse as part of a complete nutritional program that has properly fueled my body. They day is scheduled so I don't have to think about what to do... and I feel amazing!

          There are many ways to cleanse. This is what is working for me. Do your research, find what works for you.

This blog is not meant to be a substitute for quality medical advice. Be smart, do your own research. This blog is an accumulation of my lifetime of personal research and trial and error. What you see here is what I have tried for me and my family. Please respect that every body is unique.