Friday, April 12, 2013

Lavender: A Personality

I have been exploring a new book...

In this book Valarie Ann Worwood shares the effects that essential oils have emotionally and psychologically. I haven't read it cover to cover yet and have already found valuable information that is influencing how I select my oils for different needs.

So, lavender.

 It falls under the categories of both a floral and a herbie sent. 

The character of lavender can be described as harmonious, calming, healing, caring, compassionate, embracing... like your favorite grandmother.
You can use lavender to promote feelings of security, gentleness, and compassion. Its is a good oil to balance the emotions, be reconciled to an event or person, and add vitality, clarity, and acceptance to your life. Lavender can also leave you with a rested and rejuvenated feeling.

Lavender is a wonderful choice to counteract feelings of anxiety, irritability, panic and shock. It can help alleviate the effects of stress, trauma and emotional violence. I love to use lavender at night on myself and my family for the unfounded feelings of fear that can come at the end of a long day.

Mrs. Worwood describes lavender as the mother or grandmother of essential oils. It has the ability to perform so many physical and psychological issues. It tackles many problems at once just like a mother does, this is the reason I chose to highlight it first.

Lavender is the balance of feminine and masculine. Like your favorite heroine it is electric and formidable, but also loving, kind and compassionate. Lavender is direct, pure, brave and humble...The perfect prince charming.

Lavender people bravely face whatever life brings, while still giving of themselves to those in need. They are calm in the face of hardship and have a seemingly unending store of energy.
They are the first to offer help, no matter how small the job may be.

Lavenders love the earth and being surrounded by nature. They have an innate sense of right and strong spirituality. They will often chose caregiver roles such as a nurse or foster parent. 

Lavenders will work hard to solve issues that directly affect their communities and have a strong sense of home.

When in their negative, a lavender can be high strung and will not share their problems with others. They can feel that their problems are less important than the needs of other and will neglect themselves to provide. Unexplained headaches and body aches are common with lavender people.

Whatever a lavender personality does, it will be with their whole heart, a worthy cause, and valuable to those they come in contact with.

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