Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tea Tree: The "Miracle OIl"

This is a humble oil, with an impressive history.

Tea tree... the first thing that comes to mind is a dusty eucalyptus wreath hanging on a wall.
You get that refreshing eucalyptus scent, but it is veiled, dusty, earthy.
In the title I called tea tree the "miracle oil". When we explore its many uses over the next few days you will see why. This is a remarkably gentle oil yet powerful enough that the people who harvested it during WWII to be exempt from war service!
It is so versatile that entire companies have been built on it.
This is will be an exciting week as I share some of what the humble tea tree has to offer.
When purchasing your oil look for Melaleuca alternifolia, the best sources are form either Australia or New Zealand. As always, please be sure of the source of your oils. The companies I trust are listed on the side of my page.

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