Friday, April 5, 2013

Lavender: A Starting Point

I have spent some time thinking about how I would like to share the vast amount of information there is to be found about essential oils and their uses. I have chosen to follow the advice of one of my instructors and focus on one oil each week. Seven days to research, explore and experiment. Seven days to make a new friend.

For the first oil I have chosen to explore is lavender...

When I think lavender... I think of France, grandmothers, and sachets tucked among the sheets. 
Lavender is is a gentle oil... very user friendly. Which is why I have chosen it as a starting point of this journey.

The lavender oil you want to purchase comes from the Lavendula angustifolia or Lavendula officinalis plant. As with all essential oils you want to be sure of your source.

The companies that I will share are those that I have been referred to in my classes. These companies provide the exceptional oils that are used by the aromatherapists that I know.

Floracopeia offers a lavender oil from Bulgaria here.

 Mountain Rose Herbs also has a lavender oil from Bulgaria here

Ananda Apothecary has lavender oil from Bulgaria here
A wild French lavender here
And a high-elevation lavender here

You can receive 25% off your first purchase at Floracopeia by clicking here just type in theashlandmanor in the box.

We will spend the next ten weeks exploring the ten oils that are recommended for a basic kit in this book.

Valarie Ann Worwood is an amazing author and one of the top aromatherapists in the world. I love this book and use it as my first reference when working with my oils. I will be referring to couple of her other books as well during this journey.

Until next time... <3 

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