Monday, June 17, 2013

Lemon: The Bright One

Hammocks in the shade.
A tall glass of cold tangy lemonade.
These are the images that come to my mind when I open a bottle of lemon oil.
To me lemon has a very bright and refreshing fragrance that can boost my energy and lift me out of any emotional low I may be in. 
Lemon is a straight forward, easy to obtain oil that has many powerful uses.
The Latin name for the oil you want to look for is Citrus limon.
On another note, I am preparing to offer small bottles of the oils I have covered so far. Each bottle will hold  40-60 drops of oil and will be a great way to start experimenting with the oils without having to spend a small fortune to get started.
I will be filling them with the same oils that I use in my practice and that have been recommended by the clinical aroma therapists that I am studying under. These will all be high quality, therapeutic grade oils that are purchased from direct suppliers.
I am not a part of any distributorship for essential oils.  
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