Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Story

I had a customer contact me today with a question about one of my favorite Melaleuca products...

What she asked was if she could dilute the laundry detergent and make it last longer...

Here is my answer... Why would you want to? It only takes 1/2 ounce of MelaPower to wash a whole load of laundry, no matter the size of the load or how dirty it is! I use the same amount of soap if I am washing the blankets from my dog's kennels or the blankets in the nursery at church.

The beauty of Melaleuca products is they don't charge you for the water in the laundry soap.

This is from the link above:

What makes MelaPower so economical?
One 48 fl. oz. bottle of MelaPower washes 96 loads. To wash 96 load with the leading brand, you’d have to buy three 50 fl. oz. bottles. Why? Because MelaPower has taken out unnecessary fillers (mostly water)—so there’s nothing in MelaPower that doesn’t absolutely need to be there for brighter, cleaner clothes. The end result? MelaPower saves you money. By switching to MelaPower, it can save you up to 35% over other liquid laundry detergents.