Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Vitamins I Use and Why

I started this blog thinking I was only going to write about essential oils and their uses. But life takes many interesting twists and turns as we journey through. I have many interests in holistic health besides essential oils. If I had a blog for each one... well, that is more than I care to try and fathom! 
I will continue to post about essential oils... don't worry! But I also want to share with you different things that I come across that I truly believe will help improve the health and live of my readers.
One of the things I believe everyone should use are vitamin and mineral supplements.
This video was posted on Melaleuca's YouTube Page almost 4 years ago. It is a news clip about the launch of the patented Oligo delivery system that Melaleuca uses in their vitamins.
I have an issue absorbing the necessary nutrients I need from the foods I eat. In order to supplement with vitamins from the drug store or even the health food store I typically have to take 2-3x what the bottle says I need! The only supplement brand I have ever used successfully was during my teen years and was supplied through the holistic doctor I was seeing at the time, and it was super expensive!
Since then I have "made do" with whatever I could afford, knowing that they really weren't doing me any good but hoping anyway.
Then I discovered Melaleuca's Vitality Pack with the patented Oligo delivery system! These vitamins have made all the difference for me.
Why are vitamins and minerals called "essential"? 
Because they:
! Build the skeleton and all soft tissue!
!Regulate the body including heartbeats, blood clotting, nerve response and more!
!Are critical links for thousands of functions in your body!
!They are the components of antioxidant enzymes that neutralize the damage of free redicals!
 Some my ask...
 "Can't I just get my vitamins from my food? I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables."
Here's the truth:
Most produce you buy in the store has been picked while still green, before it can finish developing all the vitamins it should contain.
It has been stored and transported... sometimes thousands of miles to get to the store.
If it is processed, most of the nutrients have been destroyed before it even gets to you!  
But I take vitamins already...
  The minerals in traditional multivitamins are isolated, which makes them difficult for your body to absorb. Not only that, but isolated minerals cause an increase in free radicals. Those free radicals use up the vitamins in your supplement before you even have a chance to absorb it!!
The Oligo delivery system that Melaleuca uses keeps the mineral bound in a protective coating of proteins and fiber, just like it in nature. This system keeps the minerals soluble so your body can absorb them, which in turn makes it easier to absorb the vitamins because they aren't getting destroyed by free radicals from the minerals.
Oligo Technology Protects Antioxidant Vitamins up to 5 times better than Store Brands!
Vitamins and minerals are essential for a vibrant life, better health and more energy.
I know for me, when I take just the basic Vitality Pack, which is the multivitamin and calcium supplements, I have the energy and focus to get done all that is demanded of me in a day. When I miss a day... I can feel it!
I am a mom to three high energy children, I am a wife, I have a home to run. That alone is a full time job... but I am also a student in school 3 nights a week and most weekends working on a degree in holistic healthcare. And I am a budding business owner.
My days are full! My nights are even fuller!! 
Taking the vitamins and other supplements that Melaleuca offers makes all the difference for me.
If you are curious click here and explore. If you have any questions you can either click on the contact tab at the top of the site or e-mail me directly at
I hope I have sparked your  interest and gotten you thinking about your health.