Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peppermint: A Personality

Sorry this did not get out yesterday. My computer is having issues and I am finding I need to write on it's time... not necessarily when I am ready to...

Here is the profile for the peppermint personality! 

 Peppermint is an falls under the herbie/leafie fragrance profile in The Fragrant Mind.

Peppermint can be clarifying, awakening, Stimulating and Penetrating.

 It regenerates, refreshes us emotionally, and fuels our self-acceptance.

It improves concentration during studying and exams. My son's teacher even likes to give her students mint gum to chew during the AIMS test to help the stay focused.

I have used peppermint to combat mental fatigue and the lethargy of a long day. It is useful to lift the feelings of shock, helplessness, apathy and being overworked.

If you meet a peppermint person you will know; you will love them or loath them.  They can be overpowering to some. Peppermint is fearless in all aspects of their lives. Unusual things seem to be drawn to this quality. Peppermints live loudly in their clothing, friends and personality. They are quick thinkers and seem to be able to talk themselves out of.. or into any situation. 

The salesman, the stand-up comedian. They have to be challenged not only mentally but physically in their work. They are the pilots and ship captains.

Even though Peppermints like to be the center of attention they are very concerned about the fates of those around them. They are fiercely loyal no matter how rocky the relationship. But their tendency to grandstand  may leave their partner feeling confused or left.

In their negative Peppermints suffer from severe mood swings; on the top of the mountain one minute and at the bottom the next.  If the moods aren't balanced the Peppermint person will begin to feel sluggish and depressed. Emotional eating is a trouble for them. If no balance is found they may become mentally incapacitated.

Peppermints can make fantastic healers! When working in their positives they are full of empathy and sympathy. Their charming personality put the client at ease.

Up next... The Recipes!

As with any oil, please use with care and ALWAYS dilute in a carrier of some sort.
 And please DO NOT use internally.

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